Breaking News: House Passes Bill That Does Nothing

The state House last week passed what they called the “Small Business Incentive Act.” But at least one state lawmaker says it’s not much more than a name, according to WPLN.
The House passed the bill (HB2612) 95 to nothing. Only one member got up to point out that all the bill does is tell the Department of Economic and Community Development to set up a web page. It’s meant to be a one-stop information “portal” to help business owners interact with the state. But a similar state-run site already exists.
Representative Jon Lundberg, a Republican from Bristol, questions whether any web page merits a new law with such a lofty name.
“It does concern me when people come to this legislative body for the creation of a web site for a department. I worry about the precedent that we set and what’s going to come next.”
Business lobbyists say that until it passed, they thought the Small Business Incentive Act was just a place-holder that would sooner or later be amended with a real incentive.

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