Ron Ramsey, Jeff Woods and ‘Diesel Therapy’

During his weekly meeting with reporters Thursday, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey read from a blog post by Jeff Woods on the amendment to the so-called “mountaintop removal” bill and proceeded to criticize Woods in particular and the media in general for coverage of the issue.
Woods thereupon posted a rebuttal that includes a chunk of Ramsey’s commentary:
“I had one environmental group that said, ‘Well, we can start getting our coal from China.’ They actually said that to me. The ultimate goal for them is to keep coal mining out of the state,” Ramsey said. “The bill that we passed yesterday outlaws mountaintop removal mining in the state of Tennessee, period. I think there’s just a general philosophy of the press on this issue. Democrats good, Republicans bad. From day one, I’ve said I’m against this. There’s no trick.”
Extolling his environmental credentials, Ramsey went on to discuss his love of hunting and fishing and “diesel therapy,” which he said he receives by prowling the bucolic countryside on weekends astride his fume-belching tractor. It turns out he loves the smell of diesel in the morning.

You can tell I get a little fired up on this. I get a little upset that we do honestly, honestly from the bottom of my heart try to do what we think is the right thing to stop this and there’s not one ounce of coverage basically because I’m a Republican and I can’t do good on this issue. I’m one of the most outdoorsy kind of people you’d ever want to meet. Every weekend, I am outdoors all weekend. I’m a big hunter. I love fishing. Well, I don’t fish that much but I like it. I hunt a lot. I can’t wait until tomorrow to be on my tractor riding around. I call it diesel therapy. I want to protect the environment. There’s no better protector of the environment than farmers. They realize if it’s gone, they’re gone. You have to be a member of the Sierra Club to be pro-environment. That is absolutely, positively ridiculous.

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4 thoughts on “Ron Ramsey, Jeff Woods and ‘Diesel Therapy’

  1. Eric Holcombe

    How much diesel would be belched shipping coal from China and then trucking it cross country 2000 miles? Or would you suggest “green” diesel locomotive?
    Woods could lead by example and only eat diesel-free food, if he can find any outside his own yard. Or they could buy the ridgetops they so desperately want to keep undeveloped – and pay the eternal property taxes on them. Take a look at the property map on the state assessor’s site. The government already owns a lot of this property, including most of what you can see north of Knoxville on I-75.

  2. Eric Holcombe

    Try not paying the taxes on your “private” property you “own”. See who owns it then. All of The People will steal it from you. We only rent from the government.

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