Bill Puts Pimps on Sex Offender Registry

Persons who promote prostitution could be defined as “violent” under a proposed law working through the Tennessee General Assembly. It cleared a House committee on Thursday, reports WPLN.
The bill (HB2853) would make “promoting prostitution” – that’s the legal charge for being a pimp or a madam – a “violent offense” if the same person gets caught doing it twice. That would land them on the widely publicized sex offender registry, according to the bill’s House sponsor, Debra Maggart, a Republican from Hendersonville.
But Joe Towns, a Memphis Democrat, says the bill is “ill-worded” and goes too far in adding “tons” of non-violent offenders to the Registry.
“They’re breaking the law – we already have laws against prostitution. But you’re adding all these other people who are going to be on the Registry. To me that’s, Number One, it sends the wrong signal, because it trivializes, to me, what has really happened over here …. A real serious offense.”

3 thoughts on “Bill Puts Pimps on Sex Offender Registry

  1. Ted

    Pimp and madams who promote CONSENTING ADULT prostitutes without FORCE should never be on a sex offender list. What the government wants to do is put as many people as they can on a sex offender list for something that is not a sex offense. Next they will try to make convicted prostitutes and johns register as a sex offender and they will be refused housing and jobs for the rest of their life. This is so unconstitutional it is sickening. The government is out of control with their sex offender list that includes non-rapists and their draconian prostitution and marijuana laws.

  2. Evelyn

    The fact of the matter is that most prostitutes are underage…they run away from a bad family situation, they are targeted by a pimp many years older than they are themselves, and they get locked into a cycle of abuse and sexual exploitation by their pimps. If you think pimps are some innocent bystanders free of blame, you are mistaken. Same thing with johns…stop perpetuating the cycle by taking a stand.

  3. Steve

    Evelyn, you are making the same generalizations as this law would. Prostitutes come from all walks of life, minors are another story and not the same as consenting adults, and sex with a minor (paid for or not) can certainly get you on the registry already.

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