Tracy: Romney Endorsement ‘Premature’ (but ultimately accurate)

Sen. Jim Tracy said he was surprised and “a little aggravated” to see his name on a list of state senators endorsing Mitt Romney for president on Monday morning, but later in the day said he was backing the former Massachusetts governor.
The Romney campaign issued a news release Monday including Tracy, R-Shelbyville, among five Tennessee state senators now supporting Romney.
“To my knowledge, I haven’t endorsed anyone,” he said at a luncheon event where Newt Gingrich, a Romney rival for the Republican presidential nomination, delivered the keynote speech. “I’d like to know who I endorse before I endorse.”
Tracy said he had talked with Romney supporters “a couple of weeks ago” and told them he was “close” to picking Romney as his favorite. He had anticipated a follow-up call, but did not get one, Tracy said.
Later Monday, he was contacted and, after campaign officials answered “a couple of questions,” agreed to back Romney and declared the initial announcement merely “a little premature.”
“After they talked to me today, I’m good to go,” he said.

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