The Return of ‘Tax Porn, Not Corn’

A state lawmaker from Rutherford County has proposed a tax that could increase state revenue by $55 million, reports WTVF-TV. Representative Joe Carr of Lascassas said taxing adult businesses, and the products they sell, is a way to help all Tennesseans.
“If we can’t outlaw it, and the Supreme Court says we cannot, then what we’ll do is put a 25% tax on adult material, hard core pornography,” Representative Carr said.
Carr claims his proposal is about more than just money. He said his real concern is about saving marriages. He said that Tennessee has one of the highest divorce rates and he’s hoping his proposal will change that.
According to the bill he filed, the adult entertainment industry generates nearly $222 million a year in Tennessee.
A 25 % sales tax would be applied to adult movies, books or admission to any adult entertainment venue. It would also apply to escort services and cabarets.
(Note: The bill is HB3081, sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Stacey Campfield, R-Knoxville. Revenue from the new tax would be used to reduce the sales tax on food. It’s similar to Campfield’s “tax porn, not corn” proposal back in 2009. Story from then, HERE).
Update: See also, Sen. Campfield’s blog post on the subject, entitled “It’s a Sexy Bill.’

3 thoughts on “The Return of ‘Tax Porn, Not Corn’

  1. Donna Locke

    Saving marriages? More and more people aren’t getting married to begin with. And it’s probably better for a spouse to find out, one way or another, the kind of person she is married to. At any rate, there are plenty of “adult material” and “services” on the Internet.

  2. M

    That’s ridiculous. Just because the Bible thumpers CLAIM they don’t look at porn, doesn’t mean it needs to be outlawed. Many couples look at porn together, but according to Carr, it drives marriages apart. Stop making political decisions off of your religious beliefs.

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