‘Top-to-Bottom Review Is Done & Available Online

Gov. Bill Haslam’s “top-to-bottom” review of state government is complete, he announced in an open letter Wednesday. The results are available online HERE.
And here’s the letter:
Over the past year, each commissioner of state government’s 22 departments conducted a top to bottom review to thoroughly analyze operational and organizational efficiency. I tasked each of them to examine his/her department as if starting from scratch by challenging the current structure and functions and by asking: “Is this department focused appropriately to accomplish its core mission?”
State government’s role is to provide services that taxpayers can’t get on their own. I believe the governor’s job is to make sure we’re providing those services in the most customer-friendly way and at the lowest cost to you, the taxpayer.
Uncertainty out of Washington, fiscal constraints, and higher demands require us to transform the way we do government in Tennessee, and Tennesseans expect us to do more with less.
Through this comprehensive review, our departments are taking an important step toward meeting that goal by establishing a culture of customer service, efficiency and effectiveness.
The ideas and recommendations contained in this report reflect extensive efforts by hard-working state employees throughout the Executive Branch. Departments solicited input from thousands of stakeholders both inside and outside of state government and worked through an array of issues ranging from reducing the number of printers in state offices to organizational shifts of entire divisions.
We believe this process will result in meaningful change to the benefit of Tennessee taxpayers. While this Top to Bottom Review process is complete, this administration will continue on an ongoing basis to evaluate and improve efficiency and effectiveness in the way we deliver services.
Bill Haslam

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