Photo ID Mailing Cost $42,000 in Postage

Tennessee Secretary of State Tré Hargett’s office spent more than $42,000 this month to send letters cautioning 118,268 older Tennessee voters that they must have government-issued photo identification to vote in the March 6 primary, according to Andy Sher.
“Dear Voter,” Hargett says in letters mailed out as early voting in presidential primaries began Feb. 15. “The Tennessee General Assembly has adopted a new law regarding identification needed to vote beginning with the 2012 election cycle.
“When you vote in person, either during early voting or on Election Day, you must present identification which contains your name and photo,” wrote Hargett, a Republican who backed the law. “To be valid, this photo ID must have been issued by a state or federal government.”
The letters were mailed to voters 60 and over who under another Tennessee law have not been required to have photos on their driver licenses.
In an email response to questions posed by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Hargett spokesman Blake Fontenay said postage for the letters cost the Secretary of State’s office $42,480.09.
“We don’t have the production cost yet because we haven’t yet received a bill,” Fontenay said.
When the Republican-backed bill passed the legislature last year, it wasn’t supposed to cost taxpayers much of anything, according to a fiscal note prepared by legislative analysts.
“The secretary of state will not require additional resources to implement the photographic identification requirement,” the memo said.

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  1. Donl Wilson

    IMO, The no photo driver’s license is a bunch of political B.S. I’m 73 yrs young and there ain’t nobody who can make me feel less of a man ’cause I’m not as pretty as I used to be! DLW

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