Mitt Romney Can Find a Water Ski

From Georgiana Vines’ report on a Mitt Romney rally in Knoxville Monday evening:
Tennessee Commissioner of Economic and Community Development Bill Hagerty, a key Romney adviser, acknowledged other candidates are vying for the Republican nomination but “it is important to put in the best person to stand up to Barack Obama.”
Hagerty said he and Romney had both started their careers at the same firm and that he has known the candidate for more than half his life.
He told a story about Romney being in a meeting when he determined his son, Tagg, had lost a water ski, over which he was moping. Romney left the meeting and went out in a boat for about 1½ hours until the ski was found, he said.
“He taught the value of perseverance,” he said.
Hagerty was asked what Romney’s chances are in the Feb. 28 Michigan primary and he described it as “tough.” Conservatives have embraced Rick Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, and the United Auto Workers are energized against Romney, he said.
“The polls are too close to call,” he said. He said Romney is expected to carry Arizona on the same day.
…Former Knoxville Mayor and U.S. Ambassador Victor Ashe and U.S. Rep. Phil Roe, R-Johnson City, also urged the crowd to get out and work hard for Romney. Ashe, who initially supported former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has now dropped out of the presidential race, said the Tennessee primary is a “real contest.”
“Make it a contest for the right person,” Ashe said.
Roe, a physician before being elected to Congress and an opponent of the federal health-care plan that passed, said he’s talked with Romney and he would sign a repeal of the plan. Romney would bring a “first-class” team to the White House, he said.

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