Republican Kill Democratic Amendment, Approve Civil Service Bill

Gov. Bill Haslam’s bill to overhaul the state’s civil service system won its first House vote Tuesday after a 5-4 vote to kill a Democrat-sponsored amendment.
House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner’s amendment would have left in place a provision of current law that requires makes seniority the deciding factor in layoffs, with less senior workers fired before those with more seniority.
The House’s only independent member, Rep. Kent Williams of Elizabethton, joined all Democrats on the panel in voting for Turner’s amendment. All Republicans voted against.
Herbert Slatery, Haslam’s legal counsel, and Dunn, who is sponsoring HB2384, said the administration is working toward another amendment that may resolve some complaints about the measure. That amendment may be presented when the bill comes up next week before the full House State and Local Government Committee.
Democrats asked that the bill be held in the subcommittee until the amendment is unveiled, but Republicans rejected that idea.

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