Haslam Drops Push for Passage of Classroom Size Bill (for this year)

Gov. Bill Haslam said today he is giving up for this year a push for legislation that would remove the current limits on average class size in Tennessee schools.
The governor said he remains “quite committed to the idea,” but recognizes the proposal has raised many concerns and questions.
“We will wait and work on that and pursue it, with some adjustments, next year,” he told reporters this morning.
Haslam blamed the setback on difficulty in communicating this plan, which is proposal, based on the notion of giving local school systems more flexibility.
It required a “very complicated explanation,” he said, while those opposed had a very simple message – that small classes are good, big classes are bad.
“The reason to do something takes you four minutes to explain,” he said. “You can explain why you’re against it in five seconds.”

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