Knox Commissioner Seeks Censure of Sen. Campfield

Knox County Commissioner Sam McKenzie wants Stacey Campfield’s state Senate colleagues to censure him over recent controversial remarks the Knoxville Republican made about gays and the origin of the AIDS epidemic, reports Mike Donilla.
He is spearheading a County Commission resolution that directs the board’s chairman to ask state Sen. Becky Duncan Massey, R-Knoxville, to initiate proceedings against Campfield.
“For a New York educated gentleman, he’s really come down here and put a tarnish on the people of Knox County with these outlandish statements,” McKenzie said. “A censure is a reprimand and I think it’s called for in this particular case.”
Campfield made national news in late January after he blamed the AIDS virus on “a guy screwing a monkey” and called the disease “virtually impossible” to contract via heterosexual intercourse. He made the comments during a radio interview on Sirius XM’s gay-lesbian channel, OutQ.
A few days later, Martha Boggs, owner of the Bistro at the Bijou, kicked him out of her downtown restaurant in disgust.
Prior to the radio interview, the senator made national headlines as sponsor of the so-called “don’t say gay” bill. Campfield calls the bill, “don’t teach gay.” It passed the state Senate last year after being revised to permit only sexuality involving “natural human reproduction” to be discussed in public schools. It still awaits a House vote.
Campfield on Wednesday said he believes McKenzie’s opposition really stems from the bill and “this is just one of those old tactics that they use to try and scare people away (from supporting it).”
“The liberals always appreciate everybody’s point of view until someone actually has another point of view,” Campfield said. “(McKenzie) thinks we should have sex education on homosexuality taught in schools. I don’t.”
Massey said she had not heard about McKenzie’s proposal and was noncommittal about it Wednesday.
“We’ll just wait and see what happens,” she said, before listing a number of Legislative activities including budget hearings, that would take up her day. “Right now, that’s where my focus needs to be.”

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