On the ‘Heavy Handed’ Sen. Mark Norris

Senate Majority Leader Mark Norris is targeted by Wendi C Thomas in a Sunday CA column that begins thusly:
Sen. Mark Norris is so heavy handed, it’s a wonder he can lift his mitts at all. He’s never met any part of Memphis’ right to self-governance that he wouldn’t try to thwart.
In any other setting — a school, a workplace, a neighborhood — Norris, R-Collierville, would be shunned for such behaviors. But he rules in the Tennessee state legislature, where his Republican colleagues applaud him and Democrats are powerless to stop him.
Cirque du Soleil performers have nothing on Norris. Just witness the contortions he’ll twist state law into to make sure the suburbs get exactly what they want, whether it’s in public education or annexation. Although their separatist demands may not serve the greater good of the entire county, the overwhelming majority of which is Memphis, Norris doesn’t care.
When Norris, who is white, comes off as patronizing for assuming he knows what’s best for a majority black city, he doesn’t care. Although the more sober Gov. Bill Haslam and Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell, fellow Republicans, have encouraged him to stand down, Norris still doesn’t seem to care.

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