Kingsport Alderman Challenging Shipley in GOP Primary

Kingsport Alderman Ben Mallicote plans to resign from the Board of Mayor and Alderman to challenge incumbent state Rep. Tony Shipley in the August GOP primary, according to the Kingsport Times-News..
Mallicote, an attorney, says he wants the 2nd House District seat to create jobs.
“Over the last few years, every significant economic development and job creation initiative that has benefited the people of Sullivan County has come from the city and county level,” Mallicote said. “To make a significant impact and improve the lives of the people of this county, we have to have a representative in Nashville who is focused and effective at doing those things. That’s why I’m seeking this office.”

One thought on “Kingsport Alderman Challenging Shipley in GOP Primary

  1. JustWondrin

    A really good reporter would be checking out the stories on why Shipley “resigned” his position as teacher and coach from Sullivan County Schools. Shipley barely touches on that position in his bio. The rumors are pretty nasty.

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