On Health Care Exchange: Leave it all to the governor?

The chairman of the House Health and Human Resources Committee says legislators should simply leave decisions on a state health care exchange to Gov. Bill Haslam, reports WPLN.
Franklin Republican Glen Casada says many of his colleagues find it “unpalatable” to switch on part of the federal healthcare overhaul, but he’s telling constituents that the matter boils down to a choice between the lesser of two evils:
“I think some Tennesseans think that if the state rejects the health insurance exchange, then we have effectively stopped Obamacare, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The health insurance exchange – it’s federal law, it will be implemented. So now the question is: Does Tennessee do it, with our policy and procedures, or do the feds do it with their policies and procedures?”
Officials say it’s not yet clear what a state exchange would look like, or what exactly the governor would need lawmakers to sign off on, if anything. So Casada says the legislature could simply hand over the power to set up an exchange, and leave it at that.
…Casada’s committee got a brief update on health care exchanges Wednesday.
After a quick slideshow Casada said there wouldn’t be time for questions from lawmakers, drawing some flack from Nashville Democrat Mike Turner:
“I think this is something we have to move forward with, and I think we need to make some decisions here. As I understand it there’s millions of dollars at stake here that we could lose by just dawdling a little bit. So I think if we have to make a decision this year on this, I think we need to be getting on with this. This is probably the most important decision before this committee this year.”
Casada says he’d try to have the speakers back soon, and also noted the health committee might not be the one taking up legislation to create an exchange, if such a bill is called for.

One thought on “On Health Care Exchange: Leave it all to the governor?

  1. Eric Holcombe

    He’s taking that “Good KING Billy” thing way too seriously.
    A false dilemma: take the unconstitutional federal law or the unconstitutional state law.
    Glen is forgetting that “abolish” clause…

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