Petition: Obama & Haslam Should Fire Stacey Campfield (!?)

From Matt Lakin:
Outrage over state Sen. Stacey Campfield’s remarks on AIDS could be leading to a recall movement — even though state law won’t recognize any such effort.
About 680 people liked the Recall TN State Senator Campfield page on Facebook by Monday night, about a day after its creation. The page doesn’t list its creator, and even some fans acknowledged in posts they’re organizing in vain.
Tennessee law allows recall votes only for officials at the city and county level. State legislators can be removed only by impeachment.
The page’s fans said they don’t see any harm in spreading the word or in showing their support for the Bistro at the Bijou, whose owner, Martha Boggs, banned Campfield when he showed up for Sunday brunch.
“I’ve been posting nonstop since I heard about the Bistro,” said Gary Elgin, a former director of the Knoxville Pride and Rainbow Community Awareness Project. “He really does need to be recalled if not at least censured. He’s made us a national punchline.”
Meanwhile, others have started an online petition asking Gov. Bill Haslam, President Barack Obama and members of Congress and the Tennessee Legislature to fire Campfield. The petition boasted nearly 1,000 signatures Monday night.
The senator’s detractors said they hope to keep the spirit alive until Campfield faces re-election in 2014.

2 thoughts on “Petition: Obama & Haslam Should Fire Stacey Campfield (!?)

  1. Nancy Lett

    When my daughter emailed methe article about the latest thing Stacey Campfield had done I said that it was time that we remove him from office. Too bad we have to wait 2 more years. We do need to make a better effort to remove him. He wastes the government’s time and money with his hateful bills. My understanding is that he is not respected by his colleagues. He makes East Tennessee look bad.

  2. Pat Doughty

    Wow, I emailed this jerk this week and my congrats to the lady who did the same and got ‘reprimanded’…Come on TN, this is getting to be sooo embarassing, national news and probably world news next…take him outta the game!! He is an uneducated Tpartier, make him go AWAY!!

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