Andrew Jackson Reprimanded

Text of letter released today by state Court of the Judiciary:
The Honorable A. Andrew Jackson
40000 Highway 48 North, Suite One
Charlotte, Tennessee 37036
RE: Complaint of James Baum
File No. 1 1-4599
Dear Judge Jackson:
This letter shall serve as a public letter of reprimand pursuant to your agreement with an investigative panel of this Court.
This reprimand relates to a complaint which was filed by attorney James Baum.
The pertinent portion of the complaint filed by Mr. Baum deals with the allegation that on July 25, 2007 you initiated a summary contempt of court against an individual for an incident which occurred outside of your presence. During the hearing, you found that person in contempt of court and ordered that she serve 10 days in jail, without appointing counsel for her, even though both the counsel for the opposing party and the guardian ad litem in the case had suggested that you do so.
Mr. Baum also alleges, in pertinent part, that in another case you found another individual in civil contempt, for failure to pay child support, without appointing that individual an attorney and without conducting a hearing to determine the individual’s ability to pay the amount of back child support that you established as an amount to be paid to purge that individual of the contempt charge.
Upon receiving notice fiom Disciplinary Counsel, you promptly responded admitting the factual basis for the complaints. You also admitted in your answer to Mr. Baurn’s complaint that you had committed an error in your failure to appoint counsel in those cases and your failure to conduct a hearing concerning the defendant’s ability to pay child support in the civil contempt proceeding. You have indicated that you will appoint counsel and have hearings as appropriate in hture cases.
Your actions in the above cases were a violation of Canon 2A which requires that
“A Judge shall respect and comply with the law and shall act at all times in a manner
that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the Judiciary. ”
Accordingly this letter constitutes a public reprimand for your actions.
Sincerely yours,
Chris Craft
Presiding Judge

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