Fleischmann, Wamp Both Raise More Than $300K in 4th Quarter

Weston Wamp began his congressional campaign by raising more money than his father ever raised during a three-month period, reports the Chattanooga TFP. But his opponent, U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, still has double the younger Wamp’s war chest for the race to come.
Both men raised similar amounts between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, the period spanning last year’s final fundraising quarter. During that time, Fleischmann collected $321,230, and Wamp raked in $307,646, according to aides for both men.
John Geer, chairman of the political science department at Vanderbilt University, said the overall figures favor Fleischmann, but he considers Wamp “in the ballgame” because $300,000 and “the Wamp name” are formidable.
“He’ll have an uphill battle, but not an impossible one,” Geer said. “This is the kind of money he should be able to raise.”

Note: Both men have news releases on their fundraising. They’re below.

News release from Chuck Fleischmann campaign:
CHATTANOOGA – Tom Decosimo, Finance Chairman of Chuck for Congress, says the campaign will report later this week they have raised over $750,000 for the 2012 election, and have more than double the cash-on-hand of their nearest opponent – almost $620,000. The campaign raised over $320,000 in the 4th quarter of 2011. All three of these figures are 3rd District records.
Mr. Decosimo said the response from supporters has been overwhelmingly positive with many stating they would be happy to give more if needed. “The key to good sales is having a good product and the 3rd District has a great product in Chuck Fleischmann. Chuck’s belief in the three A’s – ability, affability, and availability – has truly benefited our District. Chuck hit the ground running by assembling a terrific staff, mastering the complexities of the important issues, gaining the respect of his congressional colleagues, remaining true to his conservative values and beliefs, and spending an enormous amount of time visiting with his constituents throughout the 3rd District. We are in top gear as we ramp up our efforts to make sure Chuck continues to help get Congress back on track.”
“The generosity of those supporting my campaign has blown me away. I ran for Congress promising to vote to reduce government spending, reduce government regulations, and reduce the overall influence the federal government has on small businesses in this country. I have kept those promises since taking office, and I am encouraged that so many folks have seen that and have decided to support me,” Congressman Fleischmann said.
“The uphill battle in Washington has been tougher than I expected, and we have a long way to go, but I am confident we can continue to turn the tide as we have in this first year. My 24 years of business experience, and outsider perspective, have helped keep me grounded and focused on what is important. Together, with the right experience and vision, we can continue to make government smaller and allow American businesses to grow this economy.”
Notable contributors to Congressman Fleischmann include: Senator Lamar Alexander, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy. He has also received donations from former Republican National Committee Finance Chairman Ted Welch, as well as Senator Bill Frist’s former National Finance Chairman, Steve Smith, Allen Jones, Michael Lebovitz, Scottie and Ben Probasco, Rick Chinn, and Jim Haslam.
Over 80% of Congressman Fleischmann’s individual donors are from the state of Tennessee. Congressman Fleischmann has not made a personal contribution.

News release from the Weston Wamp campaign
:CHATTANOOGA, TN – Chattanooga businessman Weston Wamp raised $307,646 in his first quarter of fundraising in his race for the Republican nomination from Tennessee’s Third District, according to the campaign’s report filed today with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
Wamp, the son of former Congressman Zach Wamp, raised more money in the fourth quarter of 2011 than his father raised in any quarter during his 16 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.
“I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from people of all ages,” said Wamp. “Voters know the status quo in Washington is broken, and they are looking for new voices that can spark the debate about bold, long-term solutions for our country.”
Wamp’s FEC report showed that:
· Wamp received no Washington special interest PAC money.
· $300,146 of the money raised is available for the August primary; only $7,500 of the money raised is designated for the November general election.
· The candidate made no personal contributions to the campaign and did not borrow any money.
· $302,646 of the money raised came from individual contributions.
Wamp is challenging incumbent Chuck Fleischmann in the August primary. Fleischmann has not filed his FEC report and is releasing only selective numbers from the fourth quarter prior to the mandatory filing deadline of midnight Tuesday, Jan. 31.
“It’s important for the hard-working people of the Third District to look at where the Congressman’s money comes from,” said Wamp. “Mr. Fleischman essentially self funded his campaign two years ago after his career as a trial lawyer. This time he will rely heavily on special interest PAC money and contributions from Washington. We’ll work hard to do it differently and continue to bring new donors to the process.”
Wamp’s report with the FEC can be found at http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00503565/760649/.
Wamp is the President and Managing Partner of Wamp Strategy, a local public relations, creative strategy and social media firm. For more information, visit www.westonwamp.com. Of the 435 member of the House of Representatives, only two were born in the 1980s. The average age of Members of the House of Representatives is 57 years old.

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