TN Teachers Get Good Grades in Quality Rating

Tennessee teachers earned one of the highest overall grades in the nation on the National Council on Teacher Quality’s 2011 State Teacher Policy Yearbook, reports the Memphis Business Journal.
Tennessee earned a B- and was one of only four states to receive a B grade. Tennessee overall grade rose from a C- in 2009, according to the biannual report.
The Yearbook is compiled by the National Council on Teacher Quality and has tracked teacher policies for the last five years. The report measures progress against a set of 36 policy goals focused on helping states put in place a comprehensive framework in support of preparing, retaining and rewarding effective teachers.
Tennessee improved on three of the five basic areas: from a C to a C+ in expanding the teaching pool; from a C to a B in identifying effective teachers; and from an F to a C in exiting ineffective teachers. The other three states with overall B grades were Florida, Rhode Island and Oklahoma

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