Haslam ‘Dashboard’ (as promised in campaign) Has Arrived

Statement from Gov. Bill Haslam under the headline “A Campaign Promise Kept:”
Throughout the campaign and my first year as governor, I’ve been quite serious about tracking our performance and using data to measure our progress.
Let me explain: as a candidate for governor, I promised to take a data-driven approach to governance and accountability by building a “dashboard” to measure our progress against a set of objectives and measurements. I made this promise in Nashville at a meeting of the Nashville Rotary Club on Monday, September 13, 2010.
As I expected, it’s taken a while to establish a set of objectives and measurements, but now that our comprehensive review of state government is almost complete, I’m proud to announce the creation of the Tennessee Data Dashboard » Our team has worked incredibly hard on this important resource, but this is very much a first step. We’ll be updating the tool over the days and months to come, so feel free to share your ideas and feedback for version two.
Thanks so much for your continued support and please remember to tune-in to next Monday’s State of the State address at 6:00 p.m. CST at the State Capitol. I’m very much looking forward to sharing more of my plan aimed at moving Tennessee Forward.

Note: link to the Dashboard is HERE.

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