Scott Hughes Challenges Sen. Doug Overbey

News release from Scott Hughes:
Today, Seymour resident and Republican activist Scott Hughes announced his candidacy seeking the Republican nomination for the newly-drawn 2nd District State Senate seat currently occupied by Maryville attorney Doug Overbey. The recently reconfigured and renumbered district includes all of Blount and most of Sevier Counties.
Scott currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the church he and his family attends, Fuse Church. In addition to his history of involvement in the Republican Party, including a 2010 run for the 8th District State House seat, Scott has over 10 years of experience working in the Pro-Life movement. Most recently, he served as the Executive Director for the Hope Resource Center, East Tennessee’s largest crisis pregnancy center.

Scott is married to his wife of 14 years, Raychel, and they are the proud parents of four children: Tyler, Ansley, Blake and Gavin.
In announcing his candidacy and his motivation for seeking public office, Scott had this to say:
“A few months ago I began receiving phone calls from many friends and supporters from Blount and Sevier counties encouraging me to look closely at the upcoming State Senate election and consider running. After much careful thought, consideration, and prayer on the subject, and after lengthy discussions with my family and loved ones, I have decided to pursue a run for the State Senate.”
“Clearly, families both here at home and across the country are facing profound hardships.
Jobs are too scarce, taxes are too high, and government intrusion in everything from local small businesses to hospitals and healthcare is making prices unaffordable and keeping this economy stagnant. Government spending and debt keep climbing, medical costs are skyrocketing, and liberal politicians continue to ignore our Constitution and our founding values.
Perhaps most troubling of all, though, is our leaders’ reluctance to honor the trust we place in them. Rather than leveling with us and focusing their efforts on sincere, conservative solutions to these problems, we all too often find that our elected representatives are more concerned about their own re-election and helping themselves to the benefits of our hard-earned tax dollars.”
“What we need now is strong, principled, conservative leadership in Nashville. We need
someone who will fight to cut taxes, reduce spending, create jobs, limit government intrusion, and stand firm for our values and beliefs. We need a senator who will take these core ideals of the Republican Party and turn them into working solutions for the people of Tennessee, and do so in a way that is honest and ethical. Simply put, I believe that it is time for the people of Blount and Sevier Counties to have representation in the State Senate that is as conservative, as responsible, and as hard-working as they are. As your State Senator, I intend to do just that, and do so while leading with integrity and conviction.”
“To formally mark my entrance into this race, I would like to invite the public to join me at a casual meet-and-greet reception on Monday, February 6th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM at the Sevierville Civic Center. We will be hosting a similar event in Blount County on Thursday, February 9th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM at the Everett Senior Center in Maryville. I hope our friends, neighbors, supporters and anyone interested about our race can attend, and I look forward to meeting with each of them.”
“I am also proud to announce the names of some of the individuals who have agreed to help me lead this campaign. Tennessee Republican National Committeewoman Peggy Lambert will serve as the campaign chairman, while former State Representative Clifford “Bo” Henry will serve as our treasurer. Maryville resident and former Blount County Young Republican Chairman Ted Boyatt will function as the campaign manager.”

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