Haslam-o-Meter Checks Governor’s Campaign Promises

Gov. Bill Haslam’s campaign promises are now being monitored by Tennessee Politifact with a Haslam-O-Meter launched Sunday.
Steve Ahillen, who did most of the heavy lifting in creating the the online project, also wrote a story about it. It starts like this:
With the economy tanking and unemployment in double digits, Bill Haslam built his 2010 gubernatorial campaign around jobs.
He called it “Jobs4TN” and repeated his promise to “make Tennessee the No. 1 state in the Southeast for high-quality jobs” more times than the Pride of the Southland Band plays “Rocky Top” at a Tennessee football game. He got elected in a landslide.
And while the promise was certainly the governor’s biggest, it was far from the only one he made to Tennesseans. By our count, he made 23 on everything from raising taxes (he won’t) to state funding for Planned Parenthood (he promised to end it).
With a year since his inauguration, it’s time to check how far he has gotten toward achieving those goals.
PolitiFact Tennessee today unveils the Haslam-O-Meter, a new feature to help you track how the governor is doing.
It is modeled after the Obameter on the national PolitiFact site, which follows pledges that President Barack Obama made in the 2008 campaign.
Other state sites in the PolitiFact network are doing their own promise-meter features for their governors and mayors; and PolitiFact National has the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, which tracks the promises made by Republican leaders in Congress.
What makes a promise?
It had to be made before Election Day and it had to be a pledge of future action that is measurable. So, things like changing the tone in Nashville or making the state a better place to live don’t qualify.
But specific pledges like his promise to pass “meaningful tort reform” to help doctors made the list. (We’ve even rated that one Promise Kept.)

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