On Campaigns Contemplated in Knox County

Georgiana Vines has a rundown on talk about running for two open state House seats in Knox County, one being new District 89 with no incumbent and the other being the District 13 seat to be vacated by Democratic Rep. Harry Tindell.
A common theme seems to be that prospective candidates still haven’t figured out for sure what district they’re in because they haven’t seen street level maps of the new boundaries.
Two Republicans who ran for the state Legislature two years ago are considering a run for the new 89th District House seat in West Knox County created with the recent redistricting.
Gary Loe is a TV producer (who ran against state Rep. Steve Hall and lost) and Ron Leadbetter (who has run twice against Sen. Stacey Campfield) is a retired University of Tennessee associate general counsel.
Street-level maps showing exact district boundaries, however, still are unavailable to determine if they’re eligible.
Also, Former Knox County Commissioner Victoria DeFreese, who lost in a Republican primary special election for the Senate seat won by Becky Duncan Massey, is thinking about running for the seat being vacated by state Rep. Harry Tindell, a Democrat representing the 13th District.

On the other hand, Mark Padgett, who lost to Madeline Rogero in the recent Knoxville mayor’s race, says he’s not interested.

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