‘A Little Humorous Threat’ Coupled With Legislator Plea for TN Woman Arrested on New York Gun Charges

State Rep. Frank Niceley has coupled a plea for New York officials to show leniency toward a Blount County woman arrested on gun charges with what he calls “a little humorous threat” for New Yorkers traveling in Tennessee.
In a resolution introduced by Niceley would formally put the state Legislature on record of supporting Meredith Graves, who was arrested in New York City on felony gun charges last month after asking a security guard the proper procedure for checking in her pistol after seeing a “no guns allowed” sign at the World Trade Center Memorial.
Graves has a handgun carry permit for her .32 pistol in Tennessee and was unaware that New York law strictly prohibits carrying weapons at the time of her visit, according to supporters.
“We hereby urge the state of New York to use common sense and sound judgment in the disposition of the case against Meredith Graves,” says HJR585.
“Be it further resolved that we remind the citizens of New York, especially those residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great state of Tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits,” says the resolution, which calls for a certified copy to be transmitted to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Niceley said he is confident the resolution will be approved by the House and Senate. Eleven other legislators had signed on as co-sponsors as of Thursday.
The Strawberry Plains Republican said he had discussed the resolution with Graves’ New York lawyer, who approved of the idea in hopes it will help Graves.
Niceley said Graves, a nurse practitioner studying to become a physician, is now facing possible prison time and the end of her professional hopes simply because “was trying to do the right thing.”
“What’s as bad as that is Mayor Bloomberg jumping the gun and telling the world she had cocaine in her purse and all she had was a BC powder,’ said Niceley, referring to a Bloomberg comment on the arrest at a news conference.
Other officials have acknowledged Graves had no cocaine. BC is a powdered aspirin that Niceley said is apparently not well known in New York.
The lawmaker said the reference to New Yorkers traveling in Tennessee is “just a little humorous threat.”
“What we’re trying to do is draw attention and show what a ridiculous thing this is,” he said. “A little humor helps. But then, I don’t know how Tennessee highway patrolmen are going to take this. They’ve got a mind of their own.”
Niceley said two of his three daughters have handgun carry permits and one has spent time in New York.
As a college student, Niceley said he himself traveled to Mexico with a pistol, not realizing until later that the country punished such behavior as a felony subject to penalty of life in prison at the time.
“It’s a sad state of affairs when people try to obey the law and get in trouble for it,” said Niceley. “This could make New York like a third world country, where people are more afraid of the police than they are of the banditos.”

3 thoughts on “‘A Little Humorous Threat’ Coupled With Legislator Plea for TN Woman Arrested on New York Gun Charges

  1. Laocoon

    I lived in NYC for over 20 years and was there at the time they passed the strict gun control laws.
    I’m not optimistic about the outcome for Meredith. She seems like a nice person and very sincere.
    However, they take their gun laws VERY seriously up there. The publicity this case has received can just as easily work against her up there.
    And, in case anyone is curious, in 20 years of living in all kinds of neighborhoods, I never felt the need to have a gun.

  2. Eric Holcombe

    “BC is a powdered aspirin that Niceley said is apparently not well known in New York.”
    Apparently the US Constitution isn’t either.
    Since Gov. Haslam and Bloomberg are good “mayors against guns” buddies, maybe the Governor could put in a good word for Meredith.
    Since you were there before and after the gun control law was passed and never felt a need for a gun, would it be safe to say there was never a need for the gun control law to be passed?

  3. No One Is Listening To You

    I feel for this woman and hope she comes out of this ok. That being said, anybody who has a carry permit needs to use some common sense and check the gun laws of states/cities you’ll be visiting when traveling outside your state.

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