DesJarlais a Wildebeest & Ketron a Leopard in New 4th?

Congressman Scott DesJarlais tells Michael Collins that he optimistic about winning reelection in the overhauled 4th Congressional District. Others aren’t so sure.
The newly reconstructed district will include six new Middle Tennessee counties and some 300,000 new voters who, up until now, had been represented in Congress by someone else.
“It certainly is a pretty significant change from what I had in the past,” said DesJarlais, a Jasper Republican serving his first term in the U.S. House.
Regardless of the political challenges posed by the new district, DesJarlais is gearing up his re-election campaign and said he feels good about his chances of winning another term this fall.
“I think our message will be the same regardless of whom we represent,” he said. “We’ve been pushing a conservative message of smaller government, less spending, lower taxes and job creation and have just held a hard line on those issues.
“I think the people I represent now — and will continue to represent with the same enthusiasm through the remainder of the year — and the new friends that we meet will get behind that.”
DesJarlais’ message may be the same, but he just might be facing his toughest fight yet, said Bruce Oppenheimer, a political scientist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.
Not only does DesJarlais have to introduce himself to thousands of new voters, the most populous county in the realigned district will be Rutherford, which is also the home of state Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron.
Ketron has made no secret of his interest in running for Congress and is expected to announce his intentions soon.
Given that the dynamics of the new district would appear to favor Ketron,
DesJarlais “sort of looks like the smallest wildebeest out there and Ketron is one of the leopards looking at him,” Oppenheimer said.
Counties removed from DesJarlais’ district are Cumberland, Fentress, Campbell, Morgan, Pickett, Roane, Scott, White, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Coffee and Williamson. Those that will remain in the district are Bledsoe, Franklin, Grundy, Lincoln, Marion, Maury, Moore, Sequatchie, Van Buren and Warren. The six added are Bedford, Bradley, Marshall, Meigs, Rhea and Rutherford.

Note: DesJarlais is already working Rutherford County. See his Q&A interview with the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal HERE.

One thought on “DesJarlais a Wildebeest & Ketron a Leopard in New 4th?

  1. Donna Locke

    Unless someone from Maury County surfaces — I know a guy who would be great — I’m going to vote for Eric Stewart, a Democrat, after voting against Ketron in the Republican primary.
    We have to take our fun where we can.

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