Don’t Pray on City Time

Mt. Pleasant’s city manager has asked the town’s chaplain to refrain from holding prayer services at City Hall while employees are on the clock, a move she attributes to the separation of church and state, reports the Columbia Daily Herald.
Michelle Williams, who is serving in her second week as city manager, said the request is not aimed at ceasing acts of worship at City Hall. She said any time before 8 a.m. or after 5 p.m. would be appropriate times for prayer.
“We have no problem with them praying, it’s just they need to do it on their own time,” Williams said. “So, I have asked the chaplain to come in before or after (office hours).”
Williams said she doesn’t think her decision will have an impact on the community and citizens should be “happy” about the decision.
“Ultimately, their tax dollars are spent to pay city employees’ salary,” she said. “I would think (citizens) would want them working while they are getting paid.”

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