Andy Berke on Running for Mayor

State Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga, tells Andy Sher that he finds the idea of working on Chattanooga issues as the city’s next mayor appealing while emphasizing that he has made no decision yet about running for the post.
Faced with a redistricting plan that weights his Senate district toward Republicans, Berke said his legislative focus on issues such as education and economic development should serve him well regardless of whether he opts to run again for the Senate or try for the mayor’s seat.
“My decision on the future is going to be based on where I think I can have the most impact,” Berke said in an interview Friday. “I have been working on jobs and education for years now, and I think that’s what people want from both parties. So I feel comfortable with the politics of where I am in any [Senate] district.”
At the same time, Berke said, he finds the idea of serving as Chattanooga’s mayor, a nonpartisan position, attractive.
“As mayor you get to exercise executive leadership and hold people together in a unified way,” Berke said. “We have important issues related to crime and economic development. And bringing our citizens together to combat these important problems is something that attracts [me],” he said

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