DCCC Bashes DesJarlais Again (as part of GOP ‘Congress of chronic chaos’)

News release from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee:
Today is the one year anniversary of Representative Scott Desjarlais’s (TN-04) Republican Congress of chronic chaos that nearly shutdown the government three times, tried to end Medicare, failed to create jobs, and blindly protected tax breaks for Big Oil and billionaires. With so much work to do to get the economy back on track and Americans back to work, Desjarlais is spending his one year anniversary on vacation — only working 6 days in all of January.
In this first year for Desjarlais’s Republican Congress, their partisan extremism has protected the ultra wealthy at the expense of Medicare for seniors, tax cuts for the middle class, and creating jobs for American workers.
“The first year of Representative Scott Desjarlais’s Republican Congress is marked by extreme partisanship and unbending protection of Big Oil and the ultra wealthy,” said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Desjarlais and House Republicans have spent this first year in chronic chaos — failing to protect the middle class or create jobs — and are now off on vacation rather than putting Americans back to work. Middle income Tennessee families can’t afford another year of Representative Scott Desjarlais choosing to blindly protect tax breaks for Big Oil instead of protecting Medicare for seniors.”
According to new polling by Pew Research Center, voters blame House Republicans like Desjarlais for Congress’s failures and give the Republican Congress its lowest approval rating in history.

· No Jobs Plan for 365 Days: For 365 days, Republicans refused to introduce a comprehensive jobs agenda. (12/2/11)
· Voted for Middle Class Tax Increase: Republicans voted four times against consideration of an extension of the payroll tax cut needed to stop a $1,000 tax increase on 160 million working Americans from taking effect on January 1st. (Vote 922, Vote 925, Vote 918, Vote 944)
· Voted to End Medicare: Three times, House Republicans passed a plan that ends Medicare. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Republican plan would increase seniors’ out-of-pocket health care costs by more than $6,000 in 2022 and by nearly $12,000 in 2030. (Vote 277, Vote 382, Vote 606)
· Voted to Slash College Aid: The Republican budget slashes funding for Pell Grants, which make college affordable for millions of students each year. The Republican budget cut the maximum Pell Grant by 45% to the lowest level since 1998. (Vote 277)
· Voted to Protect Big Oil: Republicans voted seven times to protect taxpayer subsidies for Big Oil — even while they’re making record profits. (Vote 153, Vote 109, Vote 277, Vote 293, Vote 313, Vote 676, Vote 810)
· Voted for Tax Cuts for Millionaires: Making reducing the deficit harder, the Republican budget provides $800 billion in additional tax cuts for the 300,000 people who make over $1 million a year. (Vote 277)
· Voted Against Leveling the Playing Field with China: Republicans voted against a bipartisan effort to crack down on unfair Chinese currency manipulations that are currently costing nearly 2.8 million American jobs. (Vote 780)
· Voted to Repeal Health Care Reform: Republicans voted to repeal the new law allowing millions of young people (those up to age 26) to receive health insurance coverage by remaining on their parents’ health plan, to repeal new prohibitions that stop insurers from denying coverage to children with preexisting conditions, and to increase prescription drug costs for millions of seniors. (Vote 14)
· Voted Against Protecting Social Security and Medicare Benefits from Privatization: Republicans voted against a proposal to prohibit funds from being used to privatize and cut Social Security, or from being used to cut Medicare and turn it into a voucher program. (Vote 178)

One thought on “DCCC Bashes DesJarlais Again (as part of GOP ‘Congress of chronic chaos’)

  1. Eric Holcombe

    But hey, he was all with you guys and Obama on the indefinite detention of US citizens in military prisons without trial or due process!
    And Corker! And Lamar! And Roe! And Blackburn! and Fleischmann!
    When was the last time the Democrat Senate passed a budget? I’ve lost count on how many years it has been now.
    Work harder Big Two. The good-guy and bad-guy professional wrestlers are getting hard to tell apart here…we might need a third party just to see a difference.

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