More TN End-of-Year, Look-Ahead Stuff

The Tennessean’s look-ahead story for the state says it’s “all about money,” in the Legislature and otherwise. And some other matters.
TNReport’s top five videos of the year HERE.
News Sentinel’s top stories in East Tennessee (nothing about the Legislature, but Haslam’s inauguration is No. 6).
Most read stories on the News Sentinel website (No.1: Joe Armstrong and the Obama mints!)
Narrative story on AP’s top ten stories internationally in 2011 (No. 1, death of Osama Bin Ladln)
James Harrison looks back at some odd Tennessee happenings during the year, HERE.
OK, it’s not Tennessee=oriented, but the definitive 2011 national wrapup is by Dave Barry and begins, “It was the kind of year that made a person look back fondly on the Gulf oil spill.

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