Nashville Has a Tea Party Now

The Nashville Tea Party was launched earlier this month, marking the first Tea Party organization to use Tennessee’s capital city in its title, reports the City Paper.
Ben Cunningham, who heads the Nashville-based Tennessee Tax Revolt, is the lead founder of the Nashville Tea Party, which made its entry into the local political scene through social media, adopting Twitter and Facebook pages in recent weeks.
“We’re just in the very formative stages,” Cunningham told The City Paper Tuesday. “So, we don’t have a whole lot we can say about the structure. We’ll have many more details coming out over the next few weeks and months.”
The new group’s website,, lists three core values: “limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility and free markets.”
Cunningham, known best for his 2006 petition drive allowing Nashvillians to vote on future property tax increases, said Nashville Tea Party would announce members of its advisory board at a later time. The plan is to make inroads in Metro government, which has received little attention from Tea Party activists.

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