Ramsey Wrong on Unemployment Benefits?

More than two-thirds of unemployment claims initially disputed by business owners and managers this year were decided in favor of the employers, according to the agency that regulates private workplace relations in the state, reports Andrea Zelinski..
The numbers, provided to TNReport by the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, seem to contrast with assertions made recently by Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, who insisted to reporters during a press conference this month that the state almost always sides with fired employees when deciding if they’re entitled to receive unemployment benefits.
In 68 percent of 28,860 appealed unemployment claims challenging whether an out-of-work Tennessean was entitled to unemployment benefits, the state labor department favored employers.
Ramsey said he believes as many as “nine out of 10” Tennesseans fired for work-related misconduct are still issued unemployment benefits despite employer challenges.
“There are plenty of examples that they get it. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s not nine times out of 10. But if I’m going to say that, I want to back it up. I will say the majority of the time. I’ll bet on that. I’ll bet you $10,000. Just kidding,” Ramsey told reporters.

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