Gov Has Misgivings About Ramsey’s Health Insurance Delay

Gov. Bill Haslam says that, if Tennessee puts off setting up a health insurance exchange, it could miss a chance for federal money to pay for it.
From WPLN’s report on the matter:
The exchange would be a hub where people and businesses shop for coverage, as required by last year’s healthcare overhaul. Last week state Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey floated the idea of delaying a decision until the end of next year, and maybe holding a special session then.
That would let lawmakers put off a vote until after the Supreme Court has weighed in on the healthcare overhaul, and after next year’s election. Such a vote would also miss a federal deadline for grants to cover state costs for setting up an exchange. That makes Governor Haslam skeptical of a potential delay.
“My concern is, if you do that, the federal grants that are available might be gone by that point in time. I’m not certain it’s responsible for us as a state to push off the whole decision on whether or not we do it that far.”

2 thoughts on “Gov Has Misgivings About Ramsey’s Health Insurance Delay

  1. Sobharaj

    I see your point, Eric, and there are plenty of eshnot disagreements to be had with this President; I have a few myself.Opposing the health care bill isn’t necessarily a manifestation of prejudicial sentiment. But in light of the birther movement which made its way into the halls of Congress the use of the n-word before the final vote, the overreaction to ACORN, the sudden rise in hate groups, the secessionist rhetoric, and the fact that 25 percent of Republicans believe he’s the anti-Christ, you can’t deny there’s not a racial component to it. Keep in mind racism isn’t only about skin, but also about religion and heritage.IMO, those who have genuine disagreements with this President must take great steps to renounce this stuff. I’m talking about the leaders of the Republican party. It’s an amazing chance to seize moral high ground, and they don’t grab it.It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Would there be as much venom were this Hillary Clinton, Chris Dodd or Joe Biden running the show? I don’t believe there would be. I could be wrong, and it’s obviously something we’ll never truly know. But that’s what I believe.

  2. Chikexbrandalan

    several Cal committee emmbers had an issue with it. They said they are not allowed to release who had an issue with it. I think they need to release that info, you should not have legislators hiding their votes or positions like this. I suspect Coleman may be one but could not get them to confirm or deny.

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