Knox Officials Resigned to Closing of Lakeshore

reports Mike Donila, So now they want to make sure the money used to operate the aging facility stays in East Tennessee.
“Is it a done deal? No, nothing is until the Legislature approves it, but I think we’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think that it’s on its way,” said state Rep. Ryan Haynes, R-Knoxville. “My big concern is to make sure the money stays here. There’s nothing in the code that says it has to.”
Haynes, the chairman of the Knox County Legislative Delegation, said he will introduce a proposal in mid-January that, if approved, would ensure that the state money allocated to Lakeshore goes to area programs, something Gov. Bill Haslam said would be the case. Haynes, though, is concerned that “when the next administration comes in I want people to remember that the money has been earmarked for East Tennessee.”
County commissioners on Monday agreed with the state lawmaker and also unanimously approved a resolution to ask the local delegation to see whether it could convince the state to hold off on closing the operation. Officials also said they wanted a detailed copy of whatever plan the state wants to implement

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