Former Gov. Dunn, Republican Legislators Back Romney

News releae from Romeny presidential campaign:
Mitt Romney today announced the support of former Tennessee Governor Winfield Dunn and a group of top Tennessee legislators, led by Romney’s Legislative Co-Chairs, State Representatives Barrett Rich from West Tennessee, and Ryan Haynes from East Tennessee.
“I am proud to have earned the support of these strong, conservative leaders from Tennessee,” said Mitt Romney. “No one is more highly regarded for his love of country and his public service than Winfield Dunn. And I look forward to working with Governor Dunn and these outstanding legislative leaders as we come together to get more Tennesseans back to work and our country moving in the right direction again.”
“Today, our nation desperately needs a strong and principled leader like Mitt Romney,” said Governor Dunn, who serves as the Romney campaign’s Honorary Chairman in Tennessee. “President Obama’s policies have turned our economy upside down, and Americans are suffering because of his failed leadership. But Mitt Romney knows what to do. He is the right man at the right time. I am proud to support him.”
Announcing his support, House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick from Chattanooga said, “Mitt Romney has shown his ability to tackle and solve big problems, as a successful businessman, as the rescuer of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, and as the Governor of Massachusetts. Now we need his strong leadership in Washington to help fix the mess we find ourselves in, and to get our economy moving again.”
“I am proud to support Mitt Romney for President,” said State Representative Mark White from Memphis. “If the Republican Party fails to nominate a candidate who can win, we will not get a second chance. So while I supported Governor Rick Perry early in this campaign, I now support and endorse Mitt Romney for President. I believe he is the one candidate who can beat Barack Obama, with the experience we need to create jobs, pump life into the economy and put America back on strong footing.”
Earlier this week, Romney announced endorsements from Tennessee Congressmen Jimmy Duncan, Diane Black and Phil Roe.
Tennessee Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney Today:
Former Governor Winfield Dunn – Nashville
State Representative Curtis Halford – Secretary, House Agriculture Committee – Dyer
State Representative Mike Harrison – Vice Chair, House Finance, Ways and Means Committee – Rogersville
State Representative Ryan Haynes – Vice Chair, House State and Local Government Committee, and Assistant House Republican Caucus Chairman – Knoxville
State Representative Julia Hurley – Lenoir City
State Representative Curtis Johnson – Chair, House Ethics Committee – Clarksville
State Representative Pat Marsh – Secretary, House Commerce Committee – Shelbyville
State Representative Gerald McCormick – House Majority Leader – Chattanooga
State Representative Steve McDaniel – Deputy House Speaker – Parkers Crossroads
State Representative Steve McManus – Chair, House Commerce Committee – Cordova
State Representative Richard Montgomery – Chair, House Education Committee – Sevierville
State Representative Barrett Rich – House Republican Whip, and Vice Chair, House Government Operations Committee – Somerville
State Representative Charles Sargent – Chair, House Finance, Ways and Means Committee – Franklin
State Representative Mark White – Vice Chair, House Consumer and Employee Affairs Committee, and Assistant House Republican Floor Leader – Memphis

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  1. Eric Holcombe

    “…Governor Dunn, who serves as the Romney campaign’s Honorary Chairman in Tennessee.”
    Well, I guess it’s a good thing Romney finally won over his endorsement then…

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