Occupied With the Homeless

Occupy Nashville has become part protest, part tent city as homeless people have discovered they can live among the protesters with no fear of trespassing arrests, according to The Tennessean.
The 10 tents on the south side of War Memorial Plaza belong to homeless people with little interest in criticizing corporate greed. But the other 50 tents on the plaza belong to a mix of protesters and the homeless people who discovered them — and were willing to sign a code of conduct agreeing to support the movement’s goals and avoid drugs, alcohol and stealing in exchange for living around the north side’s fountain.
They’re living together more or less peacefully, borrowing tips from Nashville’s Tent City, a 120-person homeless encampment under an interstate bridge before it was washed away in the May 2010 flood.
Before he happened upon Occupy Nashville, Nathan Rice, 32, was camping out wherever he could find a quiet spot. But for the past week, he’s lived in a borrowed tent among the Occupiers, a shopping cart sporting an American flag and a sign that reads “Please deposit all aluminum cans in here” parked outside.
It’s better than camping on your own, he said.
…Occupiers say that, as long as homeless folks support their goals and will abide by the rules, they’re welcome. After all, they’re part of the 99 percent, too.

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