Haslam to Fellow GOP Governors: Obama’s Not All Bad

According to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, Tennessee’s governor stood out during a round of “punchy rhetoric from prominent GOP governors against Obama” at a meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Orlando
Accusations of a failure to lead on debt reduction and on the economy, strangling of private-sector growth, and mandating the purchase of health care rolled off the tongues of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and others — what one might expect from a gathering of the president’s political adversaries.
But it was Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam who said that his colleagues’ criticisms shouldn’t be dismissed as typical opponent-bashing by the GOP, because Republican governors such as him agree with many facets of Obama’s education policy.
Haslam suggested that such accord — Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a budget this year that tied teachers’ performance pay in Ohio to Obama’s Race to the Top education program — justifies their repudiation of the rest of the president’s agenda.
“When we see the country solving problems, it’s not just Republicans that are always going to throw rocks at Democrats no matter what they do,” Haslam said. “We say, ‘Hey, that’s a great thing, keep going and tell us how we can help.’ And I see that kind of attitude across the board.”

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