Just 2 of 25 State Agencies Have Competed Their ‘Top-to-Bottom Review’

Starting on the campaign trail, Gov. Bill Haslam has repeatedly promised a “top to bottom review” of state government. But a TNReport survey of all 25 state agencies reveals that just two have completed and made public their “top-to-bottom” departmental reviews
. The rest say those reports are either “under review” by their department or the administration or are still incomplete. Haslam’s office says the governor’s OK with that.
“It’s not a question of them being finished or not because this is a working process, and they are being reviewed,” said spokesman David Smith.
Results of the studies will be built into next year’s spending plan, he said, although those details are still being examined by the governor’s office.
In his inaugural address last January, the governor said his administration “will be diligent in watching the weight of state government, going on a diet of efficiency and effectiveness. State government will live within its financial means, and a Top to Bottom review will set priorities and establish measurable goals.”

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