Closing Lakeshore = Kicking and Screaming All the Way?

If Lakeshore Mental Health Institute closes, it won’t close quietly, says the News Sentinel.
“I will kick and scream all the way to the end,” Knox County Commissioner Jeff Ownby told a group of about 150 people Wednesday evening at West High School.
Ownby, whose wife and sister-in-law are longtime Lakeshore employees, called the forum to let local elected officials “hear the concerns” of Lakeshore employees, family members of patients, advocates and “concerned citizens.” About 10 other city, county and state elected officials attended, though only state Sen. Stacey Campfield and County Commissioner Amy Broyles spoke, both encouraging people to share concerns with Gov. Bill Haslam and Department of Mental Health Commissioner Douglas Varney.
Varney announced Nov. 11 that he wants to close the aging mental health institute by the end of the fiscal year, as part of a plan to outsource mental health care to private inpatient facilities and community-based program.

One thought on “Closing Lakeshore = Kicking and Screaming All the Way?

  1. M. Neal

    Good for them. I’m not sure it should be closed. I’m thinking there is more to the story than “helping” the patients fit in to society through other avenues. That’s a mighty expensive piece of property up on that hill, just waiting to be developed. Yeehaw!

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