Henry County Democrat Seeks GOP-held State House Seat

Springville resident Steve Wright, a Democrat,has announced his bid for state representative in the 75th District, a seat now held by freshman Republican Tim Wirgau of Buchanan, reports the Paris Post-Intelligencer.
Jobs creation was one of the main issues Wright addressed during the luncheon.
“I feel like there is a real urgency for people who need help in this district, and the number one need right now is jobs,” said Wright, who criticized current state legislators for their lack of focus and action regarding unemployment. “When a man or woman can’t find a job, that takes away their dignity.”
Wright said he would like to see the creation of more high tech jobs in this area, which he said would require more training and educational opportunities in high tech fields.
Wright, a former chairman of the Henry County Board of Education, also said he is going to focus on education, and pointed to what he called the current legislature’s attack on teachers and public schools as one of the reasons he has chosen to run for this office.
Wright criticized the state’s new evaluation system for public teachers, calling it cumbersome and a real burden on teachers.
“I believe we should have a means for evaluating teacher performance,” Wright said, “but I’ve talked to a lot of teachers who have been staying up until eleven or twelve every night just filling out all the required paperwork.”
Wright said he disagrees with taking away tenure status for teachers.
“I don’t think teachers should be the whipping post for all the problems in public education,” said Wright, who also said funding for public schools should not be funneled toward charter schools.

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