Dept. of Corrections Wants More Money

Officials with the Tennessee Department of Correction want the state to increase funding for prisons by $80 million, even as the governor is asking all state agencies to prepare 5 percent cuts, according to TNReport
Gov. Bill Haslam said Tuesday he doesn’t expect to have to make those kinds of cuts in each department’s budget, but it’s too soon to tell.
“We’re going to have a huge list of requests and priorities, and we’ll start that winnowing-out process,” the governor told reporters after a day of budget hearings at the Capitol Building. “Right now, closing a prison would be a very drastic decision.”
The Department of Correction, which oversees 14 prisons on a total budget of just over $700 million, is one of many departments asking for spending bumps this year as Haslam prepares a state government budget expected to be in the neighborhood of $30 billion.
However, administration officials say they are facing a $400 million budget gap to compensate for increasing state government costs that exceed the state’s revenue growth.

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