Johnson City Being Occupied on Saturdays

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (AP) — Occupy Johnson City concluded a weekend encampment with a promise to return.
People who occupied a grassy downtown strip near an intersection marched at noon on Saturday and then voted to march each subsequent Saturday.
Bobby Ray, one of those who camped Friday and Saturday, told The Johnson City Press protesters are focused on continuing (
“Everybody is definitely down and on track to keep this movement going,” Ray said.
“We marched around downtown and held our signs and told the corporate oligarchs that we aren’t going to take their mess anymore,” said Ray, of Kingsport.
The group had an educational lecture on mountaintop removal and gave those in attendance time to explain why they were there and what they hoped to see accomplished.
“We’re all struggling and it’s not our fault,” said Crystal Clingensmith of Elizabethton. “I would love to see more people come out here and put their voice to this because I feel like we’re all in the same situation.”
Around a dozen people spent Friday night at the encampment, but 40-50 people came and went during the evening, Ray said.

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