Occupy Nashville Protesters Are Hypocritical, Authoritarian Oppressors of Homeless?

Greg Johnson has a different take on the Occupy Nashville protesters: They’re a greedy, selfish lot oppressing the homeless with the help of “union goons.”
The crowd that decried Gov. Bill Haslam’s efforts to keep Legislative Plaza safe and sanitary for the people in downtown Nashville who have to work for their food instead of having it donated to them are now bringing in union goons to police the area and issuing directives on how to dress, speak and behave.
….Occupiers want to decrease income inequality and, ultimately, they want the rich taxed more, which, ultimately, means redistributing resources from those who earned it to those who didn’t. Yet, when those with much, much less — the 0.5 percent — come to their camp for food, Occupiers line up and shout at them.
In just a few weeks, Occupy Nashville has implemented its own stratified society, created its own caste system that casts out the homeless. Occupiers want to take from the rich but refuse to give to the poorer. In Nashville, the Occupy movement proved selfish and entitled, the very values Occupiers supposedly disdain.
Far from egalitarian and inclusive, Occupiers want to get for themselves, which is greed defined.

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