Rep. Todd Offered Plea Deal, Declines For Now

By Erik Schelzig, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Prosecutors on Tuesday offered a plea deal to Rep. Curry Todd on charges of drunken driving and carrying a loaded handgun while intoxicated.
The Collierville Republican’s attorney, Worrick Robinson, said “nothing’s been decided” about the unspecified deal after the initial meeting with prosecutors outside a Nashville courtroom.
“A five-minute conversation with the district attorney’s office is not going to be enough to gauge that,” said Robinson.
Todd’s lawyer and the district attorney’s office declined to divulge details of the plea offer.
Todd made a statement to assembled reporters after a brief court appearance to set the next hearing date for Jan. 10 — the same day the Legislature convenes for the second session of the 107th General Assembly.
“Everybody’s capable of making a mistake,” he said. “Those who know me know this is uncharacteristic of me.”
Todd apologized to his family, friends, constituents, legislative colleagues and the governor.
“And that’s it,” Todd said in wrapping up his brief remarks. “I will move on from this and make a better person of myself and my life.”

Todd is a retired Memphis police officer and the main architect of a new state law allowing handgun carry permit holders to be armed in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.
Robinson wouldn’t say whether Todd had been at a bar prior to his arrest in a neighborhood near Vanderbilt and Belmont universities on Oct. 11, though he did appear to rule out that his client had been armed in a drinking establishment.
“I don’t think there will be anybody that comes into court and testifies … that they saw a gun or anybody had a gun in a bar that night,” he said.
Police said they found a loaded .38 caliber handgun stuffed next to the driver’s seat of Todd’s SUV after he failed his roadside sobriety test and refused to take a breath alcohol test. Robinson said that fact adds complexity to any case.
“You can say just across the board anytime there’s a firearm involved it complicates the case,” Robinson said.
Todd stepped down as chairman of the House State and Local Government Committee after his arrest. He later cited his “current circumstances” in postponing a $500-per-person fundraiser scheduled for Nov. 8.

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