Some Recent Interesting Posts in TN Political Blogging

Occupy & Tea
The Occupy Wall Street protesters and Tea Party protesters have their differences and some of both have been rather derogatory in commentary directed to the other. Ben Cunningham, one of the state’s most prominent tea party types, has a thoughtful Taxing Tennessee post on things they have in common.
The first two of six points:
1- The joys of lawful public protests and demonstrations…not only the right of expressing yourself as a citizen but the camaraderie.
2- A desire to see my governments, federal, state and local, stop ALL corporate/business welfare and subsidies.

Disgusting Mailer
Over at Knoxviews, R. Neal has been reporting on an anonymous mailer attacking Madeline Rogero in the Knoxville mayoral campaign. He finds it too offensive to post in full, but summarizes thusly:
It says “This election is between a young man with our values and a left wing community organizer like her hero Barack Hussein Obama,” that Rogero is an atheist, and that “Her base of support is a bunch of drug addicts and hippies.”
That’s the nice part.
It goes on to names names of people who have allegedly been promised jobs by Rogero and refers to them in a most derogatory manner. It refers to another of her supporters using an offensive slur regarding their supposed sexual orientation.
Rogero’s opponent, Mark Padgett, called Neal to say he was appalled and disgusted by the mailer.
Stacey’s Great Frustration
On “opportunity scholarships,” known to some as school vouchers, Sen. Stacey Campfield declares his support:
Why any person would so selfishly want to force a child to stay in a school that has proven to not educate them has got to be one of the great frustrations to me in the legislature.
Angst in the Gun Lobby?
Jeff Woods, an equal opportunity basher of most everyone, recently turned his attention to pro-gun activists in the aftermath of Rep. Curry Todd’s arrest.
Gun lobby leaders, like state Sen. Stacey Campfield and Tennessee Firearms Association director John Harris, are keeping a stiff upper lip and playing down the damage done to their cause by Rep. Curry Todd’s arrest.
But at Internet forums, gun lovers themselves are distraught–outraged at Todd, their one-time hero, for wrecking their credibility and uniformly pessimistic about expanding the right to carry anytime in the near future.

TN Democrat on Romney as GOP Frontrunner
Excerpt from Sean Braisted after watching last week’s debate: No rational person can watch this debate and say that anyone other than Mitt Romney is the best candidate to go against Barack Obama in 2012. Not saying he’s right about, well, anything really. But he comes off (to me) as someone who has a few brain cells left to rub together, and that’s saying a lot for this crowd, at least when it comes down to he or Cain/Perry.
Note: For a roundup of Tennessee political blogging — at least from the Democratic perspective — see Trace Sharp’s Out of the Blue most anytime.

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