Harwell, Haslam on Kelsey’s Judicial Selection Idea

Speaker of the House Beth Harwell tells Mike Morrow that she would insist that the House have a say in approval of judges under a constitutional amendment proposed by Sen. Brian Kelsey, while Gov. Bill Haslam expressed openness to Kelsey’s plan.
Kelsey’s proposal would have state appellate judges appointed by the governor and subject to confirmation by the Senate, similar to the way judges are appointed at the federal level.
“My only negative thing I can say at this point is the House is not going to go for not having approval,” Harwell said while attending a judicial conference in Franklin.
Under his proposal, only the Senate has to give approval. I would want to have the House included in that.”
Harwell, a Republican from Nashville, said she had not fully reviewed the plan yet but planned to do so. “I think there are some positive things there,” she said.
…Gov. Haslam indicated he’s inclined to support the general thrust of Kelsey’s idea, and thinks it should be seriously discussed.
“I’ve actually said in the past if it was my preference, that’s how I would set it up,” Haslam, a Republican, said in downtown Nashville at a district attorneys conference. “I’ve been real clear about a couple of things. First of all, I’m not in favor of elections, and I do think it would be wise to clear it up in the constitution and make it real straightforward to everybody.
“I think there’s a lot of ideas out there being circulated right now. That’s one of those that I think might work.”

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