Ramsey on Haslam’s Non-Disclosure of Income

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey says he is not going to criticize Gov. Bill Haslam for refusing disclose any information about personal income, though Ramsey had contrasted himself with Haslam on the matter when the two were competing for the 2010 gubernatorial nomination.
Haslam provided summaries of his income from sources other than the family-owned Pilot Corp. during the campaign while Ramsey and other candidates provided reporters with copies of their federal income tax returns. This month, the governor said he will henceforth provide no information whatsoever on the amount of his income, though complying with state law requiring that he list sources of income.
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Ramsey was not available for comment on Haslam’s new stance for an earlier story (Simply forgot to return the call, he said). But was available this week and said that the amount of income Haslam earns really has no bearing on his performance as governor.
“I just don’t see any correlation there,” he said. “Whether he earns $10,000 or $100,000 or $1 million is beside the point.”
The lieutenant governor added that disclosing his income tax returns, which happened to include his best years ever for income from his auctioneer business, “was the hardest thing I did running for governor.”
Still, Ramsey said he would provide more recent returns now if requested by reporters

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  1. Tom Humphrey

    The governor is perhaps breaking tradition, but not the law. Federal law makes tax returns confidential unless the individual voluntarily releases them (or the information therein). Past governors have voluntarily released. Haslam chooses not to do so.

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