Fincher Introduces Bill on Drug Testing for Welfare

New applicants and current recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the welfare program reaching more than 4 million Americans, would be required to consent to drug testing under a bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Stephen Fincher, R-Tenn., according to the Commercial Appeal.
The Welfare Integrity Act calls for random drug testing of at least 20 percent of a state’s TANF applicants and recipients. States that don’t comply would forfeit 10 percent of their TANF funding.
In explaining his rationale for the measure, Fincher said in a statement: “Americans are generous in providing assistance to those in need but they also expect their tax dollars to be used in a responsible manner…It’s not too much to ask folks to keep clean in order to receive federal assistance.”
Tennessee’s Department of Human Services reported 157,468 individuals receiving TANF payments in August, the most recent figures available. Of them, 113,320 were children. The average monthly cash payment for participating families was $165.72.

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