Desjarlais, Roe Visit Afghanistan

U.S. Reps. Phil Roe and Scott DesJarlais have told Michael Collins that a weekend trip to Afghanistan left them convinced that American troops injured on the battlefield are getting top-notch medical care and that the overall situation in the war-torn country is improving.
“As a physician, I was incredibly impressed with the level of health care they get on the ground and in the hospitals there in Afghanistan. The care they get is second to none,” said DesJarlais, R-Jasper.
Roe, a Republican from Johnson City and a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said he arranged the trip for the five-person congressional delegation because he wanted to see what kind of care soldiers are getting not only in Afghanistan but also as they are moved back into hospitals in the United States.
“I really personally don’t care what it costs to take care of these veterans that have served our country,” said Roe, a physician who served two years in the Army Medical Corps. “That is an obligation we have, and it’s a long-term obligation we have to care for them the rest of their lives.”
During its two days in Afghanistan, the bipartisan delegation visited medical treatment facilities in the field, received briefings on the war from military commanders and ate meals with soldiers. The group returned to the United States on Tuesday.

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  1. Donna Locke

    Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers sent to die for senseless reasons or no reason or for unattainable objectives. Beware of “Let’s you and him fight.”

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