Push for TN Welfare Drug Testing to Be Renewed

State Rep. Dale Ford, R-Jonesborough, tells the Bristol Herald-Courier that he’ll try again next year to win passage of a bill requiring drug tests for those receiving welfare, food stames or public housing.
It’s currently being reviewed by the legal department, but Representative Ford says he thinks it will pass. Ford says the first time he introduced the bill questions came up about whether it violated people’s constitutional rights. Since Florida and other states have now implemented it, he doesn’t see a problem legally.
Representative David Hawk also supports such a law. he says drug testing would cut back on people who don’t obey the law from abusing government services.
“If they get assistance through either state or federal means, they should follow a certain set of guidelines and staying with the letter of the law is part of that,” Hawk said.
Hawk says Tennessee made a small step toward a drug testing law this past year. Lawmakers passed a measure stating if someone is convicted of a second drug related offense, they cannot receive funding from the family’s first program.

2 thoughts on “Push for TN Welfare Drug Testing to Be Renewed

  1. peggy eaton

    i think it is about time they are going to get druged tested.
    some of the people i know sell their food stamps to buy drugs. You can report it and there is never nothing done about it. I even know of one time there was a guy in jail and he had a friend take his phone call from his case worker to answer his question so he could continue getting his food stamps while he was in jail. thnaks

  2. Jeremy

    With as many grammar mistakes and run on sentences I question whether or not you, yourself do drugs. When people are down, you should help them up. You should not criticize them and post false statements. Maybe if you were in these peoples shoes you might feel differently. The world could use more love and understanding. Not another uneducated moron that has no heart or grace for their fellow man/woman. Peace to all and to all a great life.

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