More Teacher Evaluation Complaints; Gov says ‘Live With It’

Governor Bill Haslam says the state’s new teacher evaluation system may need some tweaking, but for now he’s asking educators to “live with it,” reports WPLN.
Haslam says nobody knows exactly how that new system will play out, but he doubts it’s going to turn out perfect on the first try.
“My point to everybody is let’s don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater now. Let’s live with it for a year. At the end of that point in time, if there need to be adjustments made, you can.”
One possible change Haslam mentioned is to the number of yearly evaluations for teachers. But he also stressed the new system is the result of an involved statewide process, saying it’s “critical” not to back off now.

The Tennessean, meanwhile, has an article today on mounting teacher complaints about the new system. It starts like this:
Sherrie Martin, former teacher of the year at a Metro school, is questioning whether she really belongs in the classroom after scoring low on the state’s new teacher evaluation.
In Sumner County, Summer Naylor left her third-graders behind last month, resigning after eight years teaching. Too many mandates and evaluations made her job no longer fun.
New evaluations pushed Robert “Bud” Raikes — the Smyrna High School principal who has a stadium named after him — into retiring early.
“For the first time in 17 years I don’t like getting up and going to my job,” Martin said. “There are so many teachers frustrated, and several have already resigned.”
Just two months into using new teacher evaluations that the state rapidly put into place to land Race to the Top federal funds, educators say the process overwhelms even the best teachers and turns their focus away from students.
While the state continues to tweak the system, some fear losing good teachers could be an unintended consequence.
“It’s really an undue burden on teachers and not sustainable the way it’s going right now,” Tennessee Education Association President Gera Summerford said.

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