TDOT Achieves ‘Excellence in Pavement Preservation’

News release from Department of Transportation:
Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) has been awarded the 2011 James B. Sorenson Excellence in Pavement Preservation Award. This national award focuses on pavement preservation programs and is given annually by the Foundation for Pavement Preservation, Inc., a non-profit trade association that works in close cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and others promoting the importance of protecting and preserving investments in pavement infrastructure.
TDOT was recognized because of its outstanding support and for the implementation of a Pavement Preservation Program. The program enables the department to develop cost-effective strategies for maintaining each state owned roadway while maximizing the state’s investment in Tennessee’s entire transportation system. With future budget challenges and increasing materials costs, this approach has become critical in stretching available resources.
“Through this program, TDOT has consistently kept our roadways in the top five in the nation while saving taxpayer dollars,” said Commissioner John Schroer. “It is our goal that we constantly work to improve this program and seek additional ways to maximize our effectiveness and efficiency.”
Pavement preservation include techniques such as sealing cracks that develop in pavement before further asphalt damage occurs and changing hot mix asphalt specifications. TDOT will continue to work closely with the FHWA and the Tennessee General Assembly to gain additional funding dedicated to pavement preservation.

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